The Fading Away of Myanmar Traditional Pottery Businesses

Clay and glaze products from Twantay | photo:
Clay and glaze products from Twantay | photo: regent

A young lady is gracefully moving her artistic hands and fingers through the clay on the spinning wheel to make a pot.

But such kind of traditional scene could very well disappear in near future because of the volatile business environment that eats into such traditional arts and crafts. The number of people doing such work is on the decline and may disappear forever if nothing is done to keep the tradition alive.

The young lady inherits this work from her 50-year old mother since she was in seventh grade. Her mother, Daw Hnyar, is a small pottery business owners in Twantay Township, one of the famous townships for ceramic pottery in Myanmar, located sixteen miles away from Yangon. Daw Hnyar has been in this business for her entire life. Her knowledge was handed down from generation to generation through her family line. She spoke passionately about her work and about her desire to expand the family business.