Thai Companies Urged to Expand Investments

Doing business in Myanmar is far from easy, but Thai companies should consider it a blessing to be located so close to the last major untapped market in Asia, rich in natural resources, with vast potential for tourism and a large, young populace.

It is believed that Thai companies might already be falling behind, slowed down by concerns over the many hurdles such as high prices for land, inadequate banking and financing services, severe lack of infrastructure, and unclear regulation. Also, many Thai companies have been struggling to find the right local partners to form business alliances

According to a recent forecast by the Centre for International Trade Studies of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, when the Asean Economic Community takes effect, FDI into Myanmar will more than triple by 2015.

It is therefore necessary for Thai companies that want to operate on a pan- Asean basis, to not neglect this land of opportunities.