Myanmar’s Tourism Sector: Surpassing Expectations


The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has recently reported that Myanmar had welcomed approximately two million foreign visitors, into the country via air transport (885,476), water routes (6,086) and through overland checkpoints (1.2 million), between January and December 2013.

The aim for 2014 is three million visitors with Yangon remaining the top gateway to Myanmar, representing a 44.8 per cent year-on-year increase in tourists.

Vol6_InlineText05The government is being urged to play a greater role in Burma’s red-hot tourism industry as foreign arrivals surpass the expected total for the current fiscal year, leading Myanmar to have also developed a Policy on Community Involvement in Tourism which will ensure tourism stakeholders take active responsibility in addressing sustainable development.

In order to develop community-based tourism systematically, Myanmar would need the experience and expertise of international organisations.

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and industry leaders have also held several workshops based on the country’s Tourism Master Plan, which is targeting an increase in international tourist arrivals to nearly 7.5 million by 2020.

To do that, the master plan lays out projects aimed at improving industry institutions, developing human resources, expanding the variety of tourism destinations, and promoting the management of those sites.

Upgrading the quality of tourism services that Myanmar can offer is a top priority.