Earth Networks, well known U.S. technology firm and Lucky Bird Group, an eminent Myanmar IT Company have decided to work together in order to bring a modern weather sensor network to Myanmar. Both companies want Myanmar to have a technologically advanced, nationwide weather monitoring, forecasting, and severe weather alerting system. Weather can get really severe in Myanmar at times and it often results in the loss of both life and property. The system designed by Earth Networks and Luck Bird will help the government to minimize this loss throughout Myanmar.

Myanmar is particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes and additionally cyclones, thunderstorms, and heavy rains also cause problems by causing landslides and floods. Earth Networks provides severe weather detection and alerting technology and operates a global lightning detection network. Lucky Bird Group is currently involved in installing real-time lightning detection sensors and weather stations throughout Myanmar. The data collected by this network will prove to extremely useful in developing weather modelling and analysis technology. Myanmar will gain access to critical weather monitoring, forecasting and alerting services with the help of this data interpreted through sophisticated analytical tools. In this way this network will be able to same many lives by issuing automated alerts.

This sophisticated network will make it possible to track thunderstorms, monitor precipitation and issue alerts for severe weather. Numerous weather stations and lightning sensors will be connected via the Internet and they will be capable of reporting a broad range of weather conditions. The network in Myanmar is modelled successfully deployed networks in various other countries including Brazil, China, India, Australia, Japan, and more.  Lucky Bird Group will provide resources to establish the network and will also handle its operations in Myanmar.