Myanmar Parliament to Consider Constitution Amendment and Other Bills

The Parliament would discuss bills and plans to set up a commission to review and study for the amendment of the 2008 Constitution. During the session, Union Assembly representatives will also approve 13 bills, including farmer protection bill. The 12 other bills to be approved are the communication law, SME protection law, trademark and service brand law, condominium law, association formation law, special economic zone law, innovation brand law, industrial design law, intellectual property law, multi-purpose transport law, consumer protection law, competition law and Myanmar Engineering Council Law.

Moreover, eight bills, which have been sent back to Parliament together with the remarks of President Thein Sein, will be discussed during this session of Union Assembly.

In the previous sixth session, the Union Assembly sent 20 bills to the President for his signatures. The President signed 12 out of the 20 and they have been passed as laws. But the remaining eight bills came back to Parliament with the presidential remarks. Those bills are the 2013 Region and State Parliamentary bill, corruption elimination bill, Myanmar citizen investment bill, Central Bank of Myanmar bill, disaster management bill, credit bond sale and exchange bill, contempt of court law and population and household bill.