On August 17, 2015 Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) launched its first flight to Singapore which is also its first ever international flight in 22 years. The flight offered Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy services and operated on a brand new Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. Until now the national flag carrier had been only offering domestic flights to 26 destinations in Myanmar. MNS has been undergoing an impressive revamping lately which has resulted in its upgrading its aircraft fleet, remodel its routes, and even change uniforms of its staff in order to increase its appeal. This move puts MNS in direct competition with China and various other global brands. MNA is expected to soon launch flights for some other cities located in the Asia-Pacific region. $ 37 million have been invested by Myanmar’s ministry of transport in MNA. The money has been utilized to buy 16 new aircrafts and for availing the services of a British aviation consultancy named Avia Solutions. The services provided by the consultancy are to help MNA in getting profitable in the shortest possible period of time.

Asia-Pacific is the most rapidly growing aviation market in the world but it is also highly competitive. The competition on this route is so intense that Golden Myanmar, Myanmar’s low-cost airline, had to withdraw from the Singapore route closely a year after launching it. Myanmar Airways International (MAI) has also had to reduce its capacity as it was not able to get its seats filled. Avia Solutions’ experience and expertise can help MNA in surviving the competition and maintaining a steady growth rate. MNS believes that it can outdo its competition by providing a unique Myanmar Special experience to its customers which is just not possible for other airlines to replicate. Some experts think that MNA’s strategy is more aimed towards promoting Myanmar abroad than on commercial goals.