With coastlines forming a quarter of its total perimeter, Myanmar has a huge potential to become Asia’s most popular beach destination. The country has a coastline area stretching to 1,930 kms which is mostly a large spread of white sand. Myanmar’s western coast faces the Bay of Bengal and its southern coast faces the Andaman Sea. This region comprises of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. What especially makes Myanmar’s beaches special is that most of them are still untouched and pure; a rarity in today’s modern world. Let’s have a look at some of the best beaches Myanmar has to offer to tourists.

  • Ngapali Beach:


This is surely the most popular beach destination in the country. Located just seven kilometers away from the town of Thandwe, this beach stretches for three kilometers and overlooks crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. Despite getting so much tourist attention, Ngapali has been able to still maintain its fishing village charm. The place offers plenty of accommodation options fitting different budgets and there are good facilities available for enjoying sea sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. There is also a golf course just 15 minute drive from the beach.

  • Chuang Tha Beach:


This beach is close to Yangon and therefore quite popular as a weekend getaway among the local population. This is the place to go to if you want to observe the local beach life in action. Chuang Tha is the most commercial beach in Myanmar and it also has the most number of hotels. There are some islands nearby and tourists have the option to hire a boat and explore them if they feel like getting away from the crowds.

  • Ngwe Saung Beach:


Also known as the “Silver Beach”, this fifteen kilometers long beach offers a big stretch of pristine white sand unravelling amidst a backdrop of beautiful tropical forest and alluring blue waters. The place has not been much developed which gives it a laid back vibe. The accommodations here are cheaper as compared to Ngapali.

  • Kan Thaya Beach: 


  • If you really want to get away from civilization then this four and a half kilometers long beach is the perfect destination for you. This beach is not visited by many tourists and as a result it has managed to stay completely unspoiled. One can reach Kan Thaya by taking an 8 hour drive from Yangon. Hotel options here are fewer as compared to other beaches but one is sure to easily find a room at any time of the year.