The Burmese parliament’s upper house has finished compiling a report on the targeted attacks and killings of Burmese migrant workers in Malaysia, and said it is planning to send the report to the Malaysian parliament. The report, which urges the Malaysian government to curb the violence and protect Burmese nationals, was presented to MPs in Myanmar’s upper house. During a parliamentary session in September, MP Khin Maung Latt from Arakan State put forward a question to the upper house seeking to know what action Myanmar’s parliament should take to address violence against Burmese nationals in Malaysia.

In response, the upper house decided to look into the issue. After the resulting report was presented to parliament, upper house speaker Khin Aung Myint told MPs that it will be translated into English and sent to Malaysia’s parliamentary speaker.

Khin Aung Myint also said that if Malaysia doesn’t respond, Burma’s parliament will raise the issue again during ASEAN’s Inter-Parliamentary Assembly.