Ministry to Cooperate With Private Companies to Generate More Power

The Ministry of Electric Power will team up with the private sector to address the problem of power shortages.

Myanmar is expected to consume about 1688 MW in the summer time. But the actual demand is about 2060 MW. Only about 30 per cent of the total households in the country has connected to the national power grid.

The announcement to step up cooperation with the private sector came from Union Minister Khin Maung Soe who told the 2nd National Power Development Workshop at Thingaha Hotel in Nay Pyi Tawon November 22.

“It is expected the power generation would be 1688 MW in the summer. Consumption power would be about 2060 MW. The required power would be 372 MW. To meet the required power with the help of gas engines, we will cooperate with private companies,” said the Union Minister.

The Gas Turbine Project is being built with the assistance of the World Bank in Thaton. Projects of renovating the power plant and sub-power station in Yangon were also being carried out by JICA. Although these projects are good for long run, the short term goal also required a great deal of work. The ministry will need 300 MW before 2015, methods should be sought and added to the drawing of current project, he said.