LOTTE Group in Myanmar have involved its support to the ones on the Frontline

photo: Supplied.

As a part of commitment to overcome the coronavirus pandemic situation, LOTTE Group in Myanmar (LOTTE Hotel Yangon, LOTTE MGS and L&M Mayson) have involved its support to the ones on the Frontline – the Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare workers who are working long, hard hours amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this regard, the donation happened on 12 & 13 May, at the Wairbargi Hospital and South Oakkalar Hospital delivering 1000 sets such as bread items, drinks and snacks manufacturing by LOTTE Group.

“With the wonderful partnership of LOTTE Companies, we are really proud to support these Frontline healthcare staffs who are the real heroes in this hard situation. Together, we can get through COVID -19. Going forward, LOTTE Group will be actively supporting to the community by cooperating with affiliates to fulfill our social responsibilities. In the meanwhile, we are also taking care our staffs and guests with the best prevention and precaution plan for COVID-19.”, said Mr. Jay Lee, General Manager of LOTTE Hotel Yangon.

LOTTE Group is Korean based Global Company founded as a food business and expended into retail, tourism, service, chemical, construction and finance to enrich lives and enhance value for customers in all of their business fields.