Myanmar is all set to get its first taste of American food as KFC opened its first outlet in Yangon on 30th June. Though Myanmar already has some of its own local brands such as Marrybrown and Loiterra, KFC is the first international player to enter the market. Yoma Strategic Holdings is the local KFC franchise owner and it already has plans for opening up many more outlets in the city before this year ends. As more foreign players enter the market, they are going to bring more money and jobs with them which will certainly benefit the locals. Being the country’s largest city with a population of over five million, Yangon does seem to be the perfect location and Yoma Strategic’s goal of opening up several outlets here seems to be very much achievable.

According to Mr. JR Ching, Yoma Strategic’s chief financial officer and managing director of KFC Myanmar, building the supply chain to international standards was the biggest challenge faced by them. They did not want to outsource and wanted to get as many products as possible from within Myanmar itself. All of the chicken being used by them comes from within Myanmar itself. KFC did not give them any special treatment or exemptions and held up to the same rigid quality standards that it maintains all over the world. Maintaining such stringent quality control might be posing some problems for Yoma Strategic Holdings at the moment but in the long term it is going to prove greatly beneficial both for them and for the people of Myanmar.

By focusing on increasing brand awareness, maintaining highest possible quality of products and putting in work to create a world class ambience within its restaurants, Yoma Strategic is trying to rise above and separate itself from other local Myanmar brands. After KFC, other global restaurant chains are expected to enter Myanmar soon and that will provide a lot of high quality options to the people of Myanmar. So, the customers here can expect a lot of beneficial changes taking place in future and get ready to be pampered with high quality products and top quality service.