Terrorism is a major issue affecting the world today. It is a serious problem which along with causing loss of life and property also has a very negative impact on development. India’s north eastern region has been facing the brunt of this menacing issue for the past many years. Being from the north east myself, I’ve first hand seen the ugly truth behind terrorism. I know how it obstructs the day to day life of the common people and takes the region many years backwards in terms of progress. The people of north east have had enough! What they want is a peaceful environment, development, and opportunities for prosperity. However, India might not be able to do it alone and it will need the support of its neighbors, such as Myanmar, in this fight.

The recent incident, where a terrorist outfit attacked an Indian convoy, killed 18 soldiers, and then crossed the border to hide in Myanmar, highlights the importance of cooperation between these two nations in order to deal with terrorists. India and Myanmar must stand together to counter terrorism in the region. Both these countries already have a mutual understanding in the form of a “Hot Pursuit” agreement. As per this agreement, both countries can cross the border if they get inputs regarding any terrorist activity and are allowed to carry out operations in the land of the other country.

This understanding needs to be further strengthened if we are to uproot the problem of terrorism completely from this region. Both India and Myanmar are developing nations that need to focus on progress and development. In order to achieve our progress objectives, we need to create an environment that is peaceful and conducive to business. We need stability in the region in order to attract foreign investments and for enabling the local businesses to flourish.