After a gap of about 60 years, the leaders from China and Taiwan gathered together to have talks in Singapore. The talks began with the Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping shaking hands with Taiwan’s President Mr. Ma Ying-jeou. There is a basic difference in understanding amidst them as to how these two sides view the existence of Taiwan. China views it as a province that broke away but will one day be reunited with the mainland whereas Taiwan considers itself to be independent and it is somewhat worried about China’s growing influence. These talks were an attempt to clear all such differences and bring these two countries closer together.

Taiwan’s President Mr. Ma stated that both sides should respect each other’s way of life and the values even if they might be different at times. China’s President Mr. Xi said that he believes China and Taiwan to be one family. The relations between the two countries have been improving a lot in the last few years and now that these talks have been describes as positive and friendly by both sides they are expected to get even better. No major agreements or deals have been finalized in these talks but they are certainly a step in the right direction.