Logos Hope, the floating bookstore which travels the world, reached Myanmar on October 2, 2015. The ship would be staying at Yangon’s Ahlone International Port Terminal and it will be open to public from October 3 to 14. The timings are Monday to Saturday 10 am-6 pm and on Sunday 1 pm – 6 pm. MV Logos Hope has a huge collection of more than 5000 books in English language to offer and it is providing them at very affordable prices. You will be able to find a wide range of subjects such as science, medicine, philosophy, arts, sports, languages, cookery, and hobbies. Various kinds of academic texts, children’s titles, dictionaries, and atlases will also be available for sale.

Mr. George Verwer and Mr. Dale Garman launched Logos Hope in 2009 with a vision to take knowledge to all corners of the world.  Both of these gentlemen hail from the United States and they hope this venture of theirs will promote cross cultural understanding and play a role in providing them access to useful training that can help them in living more effective lives.  Before putting into service, the ship was given a major facelift and it underwent invasive restoration in multiple locations including Croatia, Germany, and Denmark. Ever since it started operating, Logos Hope has visited around 60 countries so far and it has plans to take number much higher.

This is the first time that Logos Hope is visiting Myanmar’s Yangon city. However, this ship also has a sister ship named Doulos which visited Yangon in 2002.  Doulos received a very warm welcome upon her arrival and was honored by the visit of more than 13,500 visitors. Logos Hope is newer and larger as compared to its sister ship and it also has a much larger crew consisting of 400 volunteers. The ship provides a very comfortable browsing experience in an air conditioned surroundings and also has a café area. The welcome area of the ship will display a short movie that will introduce the ship to the visitors. Visitors will also be able to explore and enjoy the Visitor Experience Deck.