Flavours of Myanmar


Myanmar has a very rich and unique culture which attracts a lot of foreigners to it. The uniqueness of this beautiful country also extends to its cuisine. Myanmar has so many different mouthwatering local dishes to offer that can completely make your taste buds addicted to Myanmar food. People on this country not only cook their food differently but have a somewhat special way of eating food too which can be seen as a ritual. The whole family sits together for dinner and all of the dishes are placed together on the table. This is done to enable people to choose what and how much they want to eat along with combining different dishes in their own way to match their tastes and preferences. The dining tables are low and people usually sit on the floor while eating. The dishes are somewhat oily and they don’t use much spices either but yet there are many mouthwatering options available for those who want to try Myanmar’s cuisine.

Let’s have a look at three of the most popular foods in Myanmar

Tea Leaf Salad


Tea leaf salad or lephet as it is called in local language is surely one of the most popular Myanmar food item. It is prepared using fermented tea leaves and is prepared in two different ways: either as a dessert or as a pickle. Additional additions such as shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes deep-fried beans, nuts, peas, garlic oil and chilli are also made.



Mohinga is so popular in Myanmar that it can even said to be the unofficial national dish of this country. It consists of round rice noodles which are served in a broth of herbal fish- shallot which also contains crunchy pith of the banana tree.Hard-boiled egg and deep-fried vegetables are often added as toppings. It is a popular breakfast dish but is sometimes consumed as lunch or dinner as well.



This is a kind of a noodle soup that is extremely popular in Myanmar. The dish is from the Shan state of Myanmar and is prepared by combining thin, flat rice noodles with a broth of marinated chicken or pork. Toasted sesame and a little garlic oil are also added for enhancing the flavor. Shanhkaukswè served with a side of pickled vegetables.