cii2On May 19, 2016, The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) a Smart City Investors Meet was started.  This is turned out to be the largest ever congregation of foreign investors India ever since the Smart City mission was started.  The list of participants for this event is extremely impressive and includes very prominent and powerful personalities.  This Smart City Investors Meet is being attended by ambassadors from various countries all over the world including US, UK, South Korea, France and Spain.  Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development, India will be the Chief Guest and besides him many other top Indian Government officials will also be there. The event is taking place after Government of India made announcement regarding the first phase of Smart City Mission.  This mission is going to greatly benefit Indian citizens living in various urban cities and lift up their standard of living by providing them much better public services.

The event has already begun on May 19 but it will continue till May 21, 2016. On the last day the main Smart City Investors Meet will take place. The main aim of this meet is to enable all stakeholders the opportunity to gain knowledge about as well as discuss the various new developments, innovations, and trends regarding the development of Smart Cities. Challenges being faced and the solutions that are being utilized to overcome will also be discussed. Another major focus will be improving collaboration between governing bodies of proposed smart cities and the technical urban solution providers who will be assisting them. The venue for Smart City Investors Meet is Taj Mahal Hotel, Taj Mansingh Hotel Road, South Block, Man Singh Road Area, New Delhi, Delhi, India.