China starts receiving gas from Myanmar through pipeline

Pipeline trainees angry over pay discrepancy between Myanmar, China. photo :
Pipeline trainees angry over pay discrepancy between Myanmar, China. photo :

BEIJING: Energy-hungry China has started receiving natural gas from Myanmar through an 870km-long strategic cross-border pipeline co-invested by four countries, including India.

The multi-billion dollar pipeline, which was inaugurated in northern Myanmar’s Mandalay yesterday, will ship natural gas and petroleum all the way from the coastal port in Myanmar to China’s southwest Yunnan Province.

The gas pipeline, co-invested by six parties from four countries including India and South Korea, has a designed annual throughput of 12 billion cubic metres before off-loading in Myanmar.

A parallel oil pipeline is also part of the project. China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPN) is a major partner in both assets. The designed annual capacity is 22 million tonnes for the oil pipeline and 12 billion cubic metres for the gas pipeline.

The cost of the pipeline was in billions, state-run Xinhua news agency reported, without mentioning the exact investment in the project.It shortens the distance of transportation originally going through the Malacca Strait, a Chinese expert said. more…

Petroleum and gas would be shipped from the Middle East to Myanmar and from there it would be pumped to China through the pipeline.The pipeline has started to deliver gas to China, official media here reported.

Experts estimate that the pipelines will satisfy a quarter of China’s natural gas demand every year, and also bring about $1.5 billion to Myanmar each year, creating a win-win co-operation between the two countries, state media reported. more…