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Celebrating 70 years of Thai – India Friendship through Football

The India All Stars Tour of Thailand

A first of its kind, football tour to boost Thai-North-East India Friendship through sports, knowledge and people to people exchange is being organized by Reach Sports Management, TranzPatkai, Askanthi Corp, Football Players Association of India and Ratchaburi FC, Thai Premier League Team. The All India Stars Football Tour of Thailand, which will support Thailand’s “Look West Policy” and India’s “Act East Policy”, will be hosted between 5-9 August 2017. The match will be played on 8 August between an Elite Thai team and the Indian team, which will comprise of 20 players, selected from the top leagues in India, most which will be represented from the North-East States of India.

The tour will comprise of a match, orientation and training sessions led by sports fraternities. The live match will be played in the expansive home stadium of Ratchaburi FC, Mitrphol Stadium. On ground training and orientations will provide international exposure to the participating teams to exchange learnings and enhance game skills and technical knowledge.

The North-East region of India and South East Asia have shared geographical landscapes, similar historical experiences, strong cultural and language affinities, community origins and a common interest in developing strong people to people bonds. Many communities in Northeast India share cultural and ethnic similarities with communities in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar including the various Tai ethnic groups such as Tai Khamti, Tai Ahom among others. Marking the 70th year anniversary of Thailand-India Friendship, the All India Stars Football tour will seek to strengthen this connection and enhance diplomatic, economic, educational and socio-cultural ties.

“Football connects people and nations, the idea behind the tour is to spread the message of peace and provide opportunities for social contact between the two countries” – says Bale Takhel, founding Trustee, TranzPatkai Trust and lead to the coordination committee from both the countries. Through the game the organizers also aim to escalate talent in both the countries and promote partnerships for sports education, training and sharing infrastructure.

Former Newcastle and England Junior international and Reach Sports Management co-founder Michael Chopra said, “We are happy to bring the best in Indian football talent to Thailand. It’s a relationship on the sporting front that we want to build and strengthen between the two nations, while for the players it is an exposure to the game of the other country.”

Official promoter Reach Sports Management was recently incorporated by former English Premier League player, Michael Chopra and Bale Takhel to help promote football in South East Asia particularly in India. The All India Stars team will be led by Renedy Singh, Former Captain of India and current President of the Football Players Association of India. Singh will be assisted by Michael Chopra former Newcastle and England international who is currently playing in the Indian Super League.

The lead sponsor for the event is PT Bemi Energi Indonesia and other sponsors include Sivana Hideaways Thailand, Motor World Bangalore Football Club,, Blue Elephant Group, Thailand among others.

The tour is the first in the roadmap for promoting the game in the region and further strengthening people-people led India’s Act East Policy Initiative. It can be a gateway to promote trade and tourism and more importantly Co-operation between Thailand and India.

All India Stars

Sandip Nandy, Subrata Paul


Nirmal Chettri, Mehrajuddin Wadoo, Naoba Thokchom Singh, Sandesh Jhingan, Gouramangi Moirangthem Singh, Dhanachandra Singh


Prabir Das, Jackichand Singh, Souvik Chakraborty, Renedy Singh, Lalrindika Ralte, Seityasen Singh


Jeje Lalpekhlua, Michael Chopra

BEMI Energi Indonesia
Reach Sports
Motor World Bangalore
Sivana Hideaway
Blue Elephant



Chinlone is a very popular traditional game in Myanmar which can be loosely described as a combination of both sport and dance.  It’s a 1500 year old team sport which is unique in a way that it is completely non-competitive as there are no opposing teams. However, despite of there being no competition it is still a highly demanding sport which requires a lot of skill and stamina. The focus in Chinlone is not given on defeating the opponents but on performing beautifully. The word “chinlone” means cane ball in Burmese which is the official language of Myanmar.  The game gets its name from the ball woven from rattan which is used in this game. When this ball makes contact it makes a clicking sound and the rhythm of this sound is considered as one of the aesthetic parts of this game. This game played by both men and women and it has become a featured part of the many Buddhist festivals that are held in Myanmar. There are six points of contact that are used to strike the ball in Chinlone. These contact points are Players use six points of contact with the ball: the top of the toes, the sole, the heel, the inner and outer sides of the foot, and the knee.


The game is played inside a circle which is usually around 22 feet in diameter. A team consists of six players and all of them position themselves inside the circle. One of the six players moves to the centre of the circle while all other players try to assist him or her by trying to the ball that he strikes back to him in a single attempt. The player in the centre is called a soloist and tries his or her best to demonstrate sports and dance moves. At present, in this game players have over 200 different ways of kicking the ball. Then back and forth between the soloist and the other players continues until the ball drops on the ground and is declared dead. After that the play resumes again and another player may take the place in the centre. Music played using Myanmar’s traditional orchestra is also an important part of this game and along with adding to the enjoyment of the crowd it also serves to inspire the players to give their best.



At the turn of the Century, after full British occupation of Myanmar in 1885, the City of Yangon was already an important flourishing trade center internationally bursting with big and small British commercial organizations. Senior staff of trade organizations, officers of British Regiments, ranking British administrators and merchants decided to bring to Yangon their popular pastime sport, the game of golf.

After decades in the shadows, Myanmar opened up to reveal a surprisingly robust and vibrant golfing community throughout the country


The first golf course in Myanmar was opened in 1887 which is located in the town of Thayetmyo about 225 miles from North of Yangon.

Being a former outpost of the British Empire there are a lot of older golf courses left behind by the British, which are kept in great condition such as Yangon Golf Club built in 1909. Some of the older golf courses have been renovated and they have matured over the years to offer fantastic venues for the adventurous golf traveler.
Myanmar is one of the last virgin golf destinations in South East Asia for golf holidays boasting a wide variety of golf courses.Today there are 127 golf courses all over the country from Myitkyina in far north Myanmar to the southernmost town of Kawthaung (formerly Victoria Point).


As most of the best golf courses in Myanmar are located around Yangon city and some in major tourist hotspots such as Bagan, Mandalay, Taunggyi, Kyaingtong and Lashio, there are enormous potentials for golf holidays. Moreover, the rates such as green fees, caddie fees, buggy rental and other service charges are relatively cheaper compared with the neighboring countries.

It is golden opportunity for those who wish to play golf in exotic courses, besides an experience of un-spoilt natural beauty and to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Myanmar people.


The best time for golf tours are from October to May. Yangon, Taunggyi near Inle Lake and central Myanmar (Mandalay and Bagan) for all year round.

Golf is a passion of many people, particularly in Myanmar and is recognized with one of the best golf courses worldwide; the Gary Player designed Pun Hlaing Golf Club.
Some of the other prominent Myanmar Golf Clubs and Myanmar Golf Courses are the:

  •  Bagan GolfClub Page-25-Image-31
  • Ye’mon Island GolfResort,
  • YangonThayet GolfClub,Pyi.
  • YCDC GolfClub,Yangon
  • YedagunTaung GolfClub, Mandalay
  • Ayetharyar GolfResort, Shanstate.
  • PyinOoL win GolfClub.

Sea Games End


NAYPYITAW – The Myanmar SEA Games themed “Green, Clean and Friendly” came to colourful close at Wunna Theikdi Main Stadium here tonight, Bernama reported. The arrival of Myanmar President, U Thein Sein, wife Daw Khin Khin Win and guets at the stadium were met with a fireworks display. A large group of children who formed the 27th SEA Games logo got the closing ceremony underway.

The audience were entertained with cultural performances such as the elephant dance and the Myanmar traditional sport ‘Chinlone.’

The ceremony continued with the procession of athletes representing the 33 sports contested at the games held over 19 days.

The 33 sports are athletics, archery, badminton, basketball, billiards, bodybuilding, boxing, canoeing, chess, chinlone, equestrian, football, futsal, golf, hockey, judo, karate, kempo, muay thai, petanque, ping pong, rowing, snooker, swimming, sepak takraw, sailing, shooting, silat, taekwondo, volleyball, vovinam, weightlifting, wrestling and traditional boat racing.

The ceremony proceeded with lowering of the flag of the SEA Games Federation (SGF) and the flag of Myanmar as the host country.

The closing of the biennial games was officiated by Myanmar Vice President, U Nyan Tun.

The 11 participating countries are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, Vietnam and Myanmar.

This is the third time Myanmar hosted the biggest sporting event in South East Asia after 1961 and 1969.

Thailand were top with 107 gold, 94 silver and 81 bronze while hosts Myanmar were second place with 85 gold, 62 silver and 85 bronze.

Vietnam were third with 73 gold, 86 silver and 86 bronze while Indonesia were fourth with 65 gold, 84 silver and 110 bronze.

Singapore will host the 28th SEA Games in 2015 while Malaysia will host the 29th SEA Games in 2017.

Myanmar drew a close to three weeks of sporting celebration with a lavish closing ceremony. more…