Untitled-39Ms. Annette Dixon, World Bank Vice President for the South Asia Region has stated that World Bank will strongly support Bangladesh in its development efforts. She expressed happiness on the way Bangladesh is progressing in terms of economic development and poverty reduction. The World Bank has classified Bangladesh as a lower-middle country but Ms. Dixon assured that all support will be provided to Bangladesh to help it to move up within middle income country status. She believes that in order to continue its progress Bangladesh will need continuing reforms. In order to help Bangladesh in the best possible way, The World Bank is working on a Country Partnership Framework which will serve as a guide towards its involvement in the country.

The Country Partnership Framework is being prepared in such a way that it will be aligned with Bangladesh’s seventh five year plan. It will even follow the same planning cycle as the current five year plan. World Bank believes that providing more and better employment opportunities to its citizens, creating a key driver for growth, and ensuring shared prosperity should be the main priorities for Bangladesh and it will help in all of these areas. The World Bank will also continue its ongoing work in supporting Bangladesh to obtain sufficient power, improve transportation, manage urbanization, improve health facilities, and ensure better education to its children and youth.