Asia IoT Business Platform

Asia IoT Business Platform Launches in Myanmar

Asia IoT Business Platform

Transitory waves in Myanmar’s business and economic sphere are evident through its development graph and an incessant interest evinced by the global communities. With passably paced infrastructural growth and expansion, the subsequent moves are driving toward digitisation to advance the economic paradigm of the nation.

To enhance business productivity and efficiency through the use of services such as Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IOT), Asia IoT Business Platform has entered Myanmar to explore the potential of these services in Myanmar and engage companies with its benefits.

This platform is an educational and a collaborative medium to seek, learn and benefit from the IoT Industry reigning in the South East Asian region. With central focus on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things(IoT) Technology, Asia IoT Business Platform aims to enable efficient, effectual and competent business solutions across multiple industries and sectors in Myanmar and other South East Asian countries.

Singapore firm: Industry Platform Private Limited, vital to telecommunication sector made the announcement of Asia IoT Business Platform’s launch in Myanmar. This was affirmed by the support extended by the ministries of Commerce, Education, Industry, and Transport and Communication.

Myanmar’s current stand is aspirational and is in a constant move to rapidly grow and progress. Thus, for Myanmar to vault into new technologies and greater economic opportunities, four priority areas have been outlined – integration with the global sphere, digitisation of infrastructural services, transition to manufacturing domain and growth in urbanization.

Director of Industry Platform Private Limited, Mr. Irza Fauzan Suprapto stated, “Myanmar is at an interesting crossroad for telecommunications and digital transformation. While basic ICT infrastructure is being developed and completed, awareness on a digital strategy is crucial for local firms to grow and maximize the potential of ICT and IoT in their operations.”

Mobile Money operations are adequately active in Myanmar with Telenor’s Wave Money and Ooredo’s M-Pitesan – major telecom operators – geared to launch their operations soon. The platform had speakers from Asia Green Development Bank, Ooredoo Myanmar, KBZ Bank, First Private Bank, Telenor Myanmar, MPTKSGM, Yoma Bank and Aya Bank, engage with mobile money sector.

The Asia IoT Business Platform with its industry programme showcased case studies highlighting the benefits of IoT and IoC through educational technology, road safety measures and more.