Myanmar could get its own gold trading bourse which would be set up with the help of the operator of Hong Kong’s gold exchange. Myanmar is on a fast and steady growth path and it is very keen on modernizing its economy. Therefore, this seems like a very apt time for this Southeast Asian country. Hong Kong is already a well-established platform gold trading not only for investors from mainland China but also for various international traders.  Gold trading is done here in different currencies such as Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar, and Chinese Yuan. Myanmar lies on the route of China’s One Belt, One Road project, which enables it to capture the growing opportunities of commodities and other types of trading in the region. In order for this gold exchange to be set up some steps still need to be completed, which includes getting the formal regulatory approval in Myanmar. Once that is done The Hong Kong Myanmar Chamber of Commerce will provide advisory and technical support to the new bourse set up in Myanmar for a fee.