Dastkaari Haat Craft Bazaar was hosted at Dilli Haat, New Delhi from January 1 to 15. This is an annual event organized each year by Dastkari Haat Samiti and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the event. India’s Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy of India in Myanmar support this event to encourage and support the traditional craftsmen from Myanmar and India.  It also serves the purpose of bringing these two countries together and enhancing their friendship. Not only do craftsmen get to showcase their work but along with that they also find a great opportunity for networking and learning from each other.

This year, at the 30th Dastkaari Haat Craft Bazaar artisans from Myanmar presented traditional Pathein umbrellas, puppets, velvet slippers, lacquer work and various types of jade items all of which were loved by everyone. Indian craftsmen came from various states and exhibited their traditional skills in their full glory. People who visited the vent got to enjoy various traditional crafts such as shell craft, basketry, mat weaving, handloom textile weaving, hyacinth grass weaving, jewellery and many more. Representatives from exports and handicrafts as well as Foreign Ministry of India were also present and they described this craft bazaar as a beneficial event for everyone involved.

A Crafts and Skill Development Workshop was also organized which resulted in the creation of various new, innovative designs. The workshop also provided an additional wonderful opportunity to artisans from both the countries to enhance learn new techniques, improve their skills, build useful links, and form new friendships. One of the main purposes of this event is to provide more opportunities to craftsmen from Myanmar by providing them more exposure and enabling them to make better quality products. Visitors and craftsmen were also treated to a visual and auditory feast by various folk artists. Musical performance by Langa group and Kalbelia gypsy dance from Rajasthan, the Bhavai folk theatre from Gujrat, and the tribal martial Chhau dance from West Bengal won all the hearts.